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The GB Circle of Winning

Gold Benefits Circle Of Winning

Creating bigger waves of savings for cardholders, repeat traffic and revenues for merchants and 24/7 exposure for organizations.

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In 2006, Give Back Nation developed the Gold Benefits Program to dynamically raise funds and awareness for organizations, save cardholders money and drive repeat traffic and revenues to businesses.

Nonprofit organizations were enabled to custom-design their own "mini-billboards" as a gift for donations. Donors became cardholders (called GB Members) and could display their membership cards for instant savings at hundreds of participating businesses (called GB Merchants) who offered a unique benefit to anyone displaying their GB card. 

It was soon realized that GB Merchants could expand their use of the Gold Benefits Program by designing their own cards (called GB Partners). Since then, car dealerships, restaurants, hospitals, insurance agents, realtors, schools and more have custom-designed their own cards and key cards; which drives repeat traffic and revenues to local businesses.


Our "Circle of Winning": 

  • GB Members (Cardholders):  Display their GB Membership cards and key cards for immediate savings at participating merchants.

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  • GB Merchants (Participating Businesses):  Gain continuous traffic and revenues from GB Members displaying their membership cards and key cards for immediate savings; sustaining and creating jobs.

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  • GB Partners (Custom-Design Your Own):  Businesses, affinity groups, events and non-profits gain continuous top-of-mind recognition from their targeted audiences by custom-designing their very own GB Memberships.

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If interested in becoming a GB Member (cardholder), a GB Merchant (merchant) or a GB Partner (customize your own mini-billboard or program), contact us today:

 Learn More: 888-894-7261 info@gbmembership.com

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