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Custom-Design Your Own Gold Benefits Membership Card

Motivating continuous “wallet placement“ for top-of-mind, “mini-billboard” exposure of your brand.

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We all have a passion for savings on travel, shopping, dining and entertainment. The Gold Benefits Membership Program has harnessed that passion to create a dynamic way to market. The Program motivates constant “wallet placement” thru card usage for instant savings at hundreds of GB merchants; constantly exposing YOUR BRAND.     


Vibrant Core Benefits:
  • Rise above short shelf-life marketing options
  • Interact with your target audience on a grassroots level

Gold Benefits Card Collage

Design YOUR Program
  • Increase customer retention and renewal rates
  • Create an enduring business card/handout
  • Take your loyalty program to the next level
  • Design as a dynamic, perpetual fundraiser
  • Customize a multi-use membership card 
  • Enhance event sponsorship deliverables
  • Allow corporate partners to participate
  • Indulge customers with a unique gift


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